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I've had some personal craziness going on in my life lately and have been asking many of my friends and family for advice.

My family is always incredibly encouraging and their advice is predictable, but I need to hear it nonetheless. It's always the same thing: be yourself.

My friends have varying advice from playing games to having patience to hoping for a change to this last bit: empower.

To empower someone is to give them strength to do something. At HOBY, I spend a lot of time empowering high school sophomores to become leaders. Now, since the best form of leadership is leadership by example (I think), it can be a challenge to empower others to lead while you yourself are leading.

However, there is a way to do it that comes pretty naturally after awhile - you lead from behind. You are the cruise control as it were (if this was a car analogy, which it is) and you let them take the wheel. You have steady control over the speed of the situation - the velocity and acceleration are all up to you, but as drivers, they get to do all the twisting and turning and checking of mirrors to make sure it was right.

So I am taking two pieces of advice to my crazy situation - I will be myself and empower the people who are also caught up in the craziness. In fact, that is really only one piece of advice, because under normal circumstances I'd like to think of myself as an empowerer (yup, just made that word up), but under crazy circumstances, I sometimes lose confidence even in myself.

And yes, I am being intentionally vague. I apologize for those of you who may be slightly out of the loop. Unfortunately, this medium is rather obviously publicly available and in my own megalomanic way, I like being able to keep everyone inside some of my thoughts without necessarily having to spill the beans on my whole life. You'll just have to get some of that patience I've been searching for.

Anywho, I'm off to finish the book club book.

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - I'm loving blogging moderately regularly again.