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Moroccan Milkshakes

Tonight was Girls Night. We went out to Moroccan food on King Street in Alexandria. Tagines (j'adore!) de poulet (tres bien) et de mouton (mal cuisiner). There was a belly dancer (who was not really that great) but the conversation and Moldovan server made the experience.

On the way back to my place we stopped by a local park and swung on the swings for a couple minutes. The other girls didn't have quite as strong of stomachs (elles faisaient mals a cause des balances apres le diner; dommage) so we didn't stay long.

Back home we took pictures, I perfected the use of my camera timer, and then we settled into watching the late-middle school-classic Cruel Intentions. This led to brownies and Kahluha milkshakes (which took Rachel's immersion blender since my regular blender motor doesn't love me).

Then we spent the next hour and a half swapping stories about boys and other girly subjects (pro or con: cuddling while sleeping; actor we all agree we're into - George Clooney if we were all older; how much (or little) our parents told us about the birds and the bees; etc.). As we ended on the sleeping topic, my two pals decided to bow out and get some actual rest. Not quite to my bedtime yet, I decided to be as up to date in my blogging as I can be and as promised, will post the pictures on Facebook.

Hope everyone had a fun Friday!


Note on the above image: after much manipulation of the timer and many poses, we decided to do the "one arm out" classic shot. It was the best picture of the night.


Dana said…
Are you mocking my weak stomach in French? I challenge you to an empty-stomached swinging contest!! We'll see who's tough then!! ;)