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Lazy Laundry Day

This morning I slept in, which was rather nice. I pulled weeds in the front garden, had breakfast, went for a swim (and soaked up some needed much needed vitamin D), optimized my computer, and uploaded all the pictures Facebook wouldn't let me post last night.

Now I am putzing about the house because the BBQ I thought was this afternoon has turned into a going out extravaganza after 10pm. This is probably okay because my eyes are trying to close themselves (though I'm not tired) because the chlorine in the pool really did them in.

I love community pools (and the fact that mine is about one block from the house), but I don't love how much chlorine and acid they put in to kill the germs and make them safe for public use. I suppose this would be the appropriate time to buy some goggles, but I've never loved goggles - even when I was on the swim team I despised the cap and goggles, because they didn't feel natural or right (since I swam at home without goggles for hours on end). Also, because they inevitably - even with the cap - got helpless tangled in my massively curly hair. I guess now that I don't have a personal pool to swim in, I should reconsider and at least try a good pair that fits well (and braid my hair).

Okay, well I'm off to finish laundry and tidy my room (since I now have time). And maybe I'll even give my eyes a little rest before heading out to dinner and the X-Files later with Theresa.

Best wishes for an exciting (or relaxing) Saturday.

Love always, ~Heather