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C-SPAN anyone?

Well, I’ve never watched more C-SPAN in my life. Not that I mind too much, considering that convention coverage on these channels means I don’t have to listen to the talking heads on some of the other stations. I’m a bit disappointed in fact, because after all this Democratic propaganda, I wish I’d be able to fully follow the Republican convention next week.

It was easy to predict that McCain will announce on Friday – it must be killing him to sit out of the media cycle for so long. I really hope that the liberal leaning stations at least pretend to be as interested in replaying coverage of Republican speeches as they are in the Democratic ones. Then again, there’s a little less drama planned for Minnesota and it looks like Gustav (the storm) is going to be drawing some media attention all on its own.

In non-television or political news, my scarf is coming along well. I’m hoping to knock out another huge chunk tonight during the USC vs. NC State game. I’m sure there will be a lot of yelling during the game, but I’m hopeful the Gamecocks will kick the season off right. I also hope I don’t disturb the neighbors!

There is a family of baby ducks outside the window. I don’t really like ducks and Florida ducks are particularly unattractive, as they have the same big blobs of skin like a turkey all over their faces. But this little family is awfully cute with at least seven baby ducklings trailing along behind a rather big parent duck. I’ll try to get a picture of them before I leave.

Okay, I guess I should get back to working remotely. I haven’t been doing quite as much work as I should’ve the past day or so. This week I needed to kick out 16 hours to be right by my promise to work part time from here. So far I’ve only put in about 10.5. I really don’t want to have to go in to the office over the holiday weekend, so I’m off to get things done.

Love always,