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Well, this is my 400th post. Considering the Adventures blog is coming up on its third birthday, that isn't really all that many posts, but it is a benchmark (and probably the first one I've noticed). Also, keeping in mind that I am rather long winded in my posts, 400 is, if nothing else, a volume benchmark.

So here on this most inauspicious of days*, I am going to go through the top labels I've attached to my posts (based on sheer numbers) to see what it is I've been talking about this whole time.

The winners are ...
  1. Friends (48)
  2. Daily events (43)
  3. Family (17)
  4. Feelings (15)
  5. Work & En Francais (11)
  6. Movie (7)
  7. Rolling in at 6 mentions are: homework, HOBY, God, musical
  8. Wrapping up the big numbers game at 5 mentions: school, cooking, football, moving, packing, and Thanksgiving
I probably could have guessed that really, but it is interesting to see that both moving and packing have 5 mentions (I must have whined about those a bunch) and that I've posted in French only 11 times (desolee mes amis francophone!).

So, friends, you have been the highlight of my discussions. You've listened to me talk about everything from teaching in France, family affairs, crushes (and probably the aftermath), work, the many movies I've seen, and lots of school to the intricacies of student loans, road and train trips, vacations, recipes, and major life events.

A good friend of mine has just moved on to her next big life stage; with a little trepidation. Looking back, I'm glad I've been able to conquer similar fears in my own life by relaying my tales to all of you.

So in this 400th of posts I say thank you to my readers. This blog would still be here without you (because, let's face it, once I type it up on the Internet it's pretty much there for all eternity (barring any web-armageddon scenarios)), but I would not be the same blogger and hence not the same person if I didn't have you to write to.

I appreciate all the support.

Love always, ~Heather

*Today is sort of a big thing on the paternal-side as we lost our Nanny. She lived a gloriously long life of over 100 years - and when she could still speak was proud to say she lived those days mostly medicine free (never had a long standing prescription or daily pills to take). She was a synchronized swimmer in her youth, a maker of fruit cake, a bearer of tissues, a purchaser of swing sets, a home at the beach for my parents, a Velveteen Rabbit enthusiast, and a family rock. We're all going to miss her terribly, but I'm comforted to know that her memory is restored and she is now happily with the Lord who granted her to us in the first place. Prayers for her soul's journey are much appreciated.