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Romanzo Criminale

For those of you who don't know, that's Italian.

Today has been such a whirlwind of stuff, it reminds me of the good old days when I was busy. I went to bed around 1 in the morning (after the time change). Why so late? Because we drove to Reims last night for a volleyball game, which we lost.

During the third game, the stupid coach actually called a timeout to yell at me. I'm serious. Not because I was playing poorly, but because the ref had called me on being in the net or going under the net (he wasn't even sure) and I said that was ridiculous and that I hadn't touched the net. The ref, being the ref, obviously won this little dispute. The idiot who claims to be our coach (but comes to practice only once a month and doesn't actually train with us when she is there) took the side of the ref, not because he was right (because seriously, the other team even seemed to agree with me) but because she thinks I should set from the ten foot line instead of being next to the net. She says it effects my ability to set properly to be close to the net. I think she needs her head examined. So, she took this opportunity to yell at me, while we were trying to play, about where I was when I was setting. I took the opportunity to tell her to leave me alone - I was trying to play. Also, that I knew I was right. So, she called a time out.

The following is an awful lot like the time I threw that book at stupid Professor Gwara: She calls the timeout specifically to tell me off. She starts with, "You don't have the right to talk to me that way!" I followed with: "You don't have the right to talk to me about the way I play at all. I am a good player, and I am working my butt off out there. So is everyone else. All you have done all evening is put us down. I have explained to you multiple times that I know what I am doing on the court and if you would like me to continue playing this evening (no sustitute players were there) I am going to need you to stop telling me only the bad things that are going on!" She was so stunned that she responded like a child (or she is really just this adle-minded) "But I can say what I want." The buzzer rang. I threw my hand in. So did everyone else. I said, "Let's go!" We got on the court. We lost the game. 27-25. We had been down before the timeout and had come back to drag them into extra points.

I should express here that I usually just ignore her. As a matter of fact, I had ignored her all evening basically (or at least tried). Most of the team functions as I do - we play better when we are happy. Actually, I think just about everyone is this way. Games are supposed to be fun. She was dragging us down. Even when we were ahead, she would tell us we were doing poorly. She told people to move to the wrong places. And - I kid you not - even got on the court and attempted to show us how to move to the ball during a timeout in an earlier game. I'll have to send you a picture of this person who has about 2.5 times my body weight and is about 2 inches shorter. No, I won't because it isn't nice to do that. But then again, it was pretty darn funny her trying to tell me how to get to the ball.

For anyone who isn't up to date, I am not a great volleyball player, but know a little bit about the game. Our "coach" as she calls herself is at about the same level as a sub on a middle school girls team. Otherwise, I absolutely promise, I wouldn't be so disrespectful. In fact, I was pretty calm - I didn't even yell, though I admit I did raise my voice when she tried to interrupt me. Anyway. We got back late and then Sonia and I went out for pizza.

I slept through the 6 o'clock alarm I had set for myself. This was bad, as I was supposed to be at the church at 7am. I woke up at 7:38am having had a weird dream.I was at church by 8:15 for the croissant sale. They hadn't needed my help as it turned out. Oh well. I stuck around and did whatever for the next few hours until church. Then I came home, unclogged my sink, switched the laundry, made and ate lunch, and then ran out the door again. I played flag football this afternoon. I scored none of the 36 points my team won with. However, I was the center and a blocker, and ran the distraction plays. It is the first time in a team sport like football where I actually felt like I contributed something even though I hadn't scored anything. And, I had a blast.

Also, I saved some earthworms. They were all coming out of the ground from the rain yesterday. Which reminds me that I have a translation of the bulletin article on water for you Paula. It is up and coming.

Anyhow, I went back to the school after the game and layed (laid?) down on the stone bench outside my door. This lasted about 10 minutes before the angle of the bench made me get up. I went upstairs and tried to take a shower and shave my legs. Here is why it was called trying: the door fell off the shower when I opened it. I have apparently turned into the Hulk. That, or the freaking thing is broken like everything else in the building. I then discovered (after having arranged the door so the least amount of water would escape) that the razor after almost no use (meaning the first time I was trying to seriously use the thing) was dull. Beyond dull actually - it did nothing.

My shower being an utter failure at this point, I got out (door fell off again) and went to get changed. I had missed a call. Returned it and in period of ten minutes was out the door again to meet Sonia for a film. I was waylaid by the police on the way who were blocking the streets for the international bike race in town today. I have never seen this type of start before in my life. It was a little bizarre. I was sad I didn't have my camera though, because it was really cool to watch. We got to the movies and took our seats to see Romanzo Criminale. (Roman Crime??) It was a good movie. Catch it at a Blockbuster or something, because it probably won't come out in theaters at home (though I think American's would like it.) I was bummed because I thought (despite the title) that because there was a French director and some french actors in it that it would have been in french. Dubbed over from the Italian ... I would have rather read the subtitles I think, but, no matter - I'll find it and read it with English subtitles!

When we were walking home afterwards, the Place Ducale looked like a field the day after a big carnival has left town. It is so strange to see something that was so alive and tightly-packed look so barren and open. But, it really makes you appreciate the town. The square looked to me like the palace it is the identical model of for the first time today. I walked home slowly and took up my place on the bench again. Five minutes later, I was already upstairs. Then I came down here to talk to you (lucky you). Truth is I am avoiding going out with the other assistants. Anyway, for now, I am going back upstairs to eat. I am super hungry and it is getting pretty dark outside too. Love always, ~Heather