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Relentles as my pursuit might be to put the photos from the trip up on the website, I have been stumped yet again. Still lacking that cable (honestly haven't looked that hard this week hoping that STOPPING looking would make it appear), I must resort to using my USB key to put the pictures on the computer. Not a problem. Except at school you can only upload one at a time like that. Not so cool. So I went to Alice's where I was bound to be able to fix that problem. Not so much. Her computer doesn't recognize my key. So, as unluck would have it - still no pictures.

However, for those of you who are exceptionally lovely and sent me messages about my slackness in getting the pictures posted (seriously, I appreciate them, it proves that at least someone is reading this), I will make each of you a CD slide show of the pictures I have taken since I got here and send it to you when I get home. Because, to put up with my rambling, you must deserve it.

Good news though, I have written most of the sub blogs about everything that went on. And just as soon as the internet works at school and my key shows up on a computer, we'll be all set.

In other news, I am playing the waiting game as letters from up and down the East Coast seem to be arriving as slowly as humanly possible. It appears as if every place I have applied to is as bad about procrastinating until the last possible minute as I am. I should have two letters by April 1st at the latest. That is pretty good news considering ... well considering it is alot closer to April 1st now than it was, say, in January when I sent the applications. Anyway, still waiting.

Besides that, life here is pretty much normal. We had really unusual weather the past three days. It was sunny and warm. But, not to fear, it is dreary, rainy, cold, and worthy of earmuffs and gloves again (yesterday I was wearing a t-shirt and an open windbreaker). I'm glad I decided to not bring any shorts with me. They wouldn't have gotten a single bit of use anyway. I am desperately looking forward to the unpredictable yet much more enjoyable weather of the East Coast.

And now, I am just killing space. That isn't fair to you, or the trees they are cutting down.. wait a second, they aren't cutting any trees down for this. I can write and write and ... just kidding. I'll leave you alone. And I'll work on getting that other stuff posted for you. (For me too, I suppose.) Because what is a relentless pursuit if it does not end in the achievemnet of a goal?

P.S. I watched Into the Woods last night. So I was thinking about you. (If you have no idea what this part is about, chances are it isn't for you, and I am being cryptic. If you haven't seen that musical, you should. Everyone needs to learn morals every once in awhile. Especially because we so often forget that a slotted spoon will catch the potato.)

Love always, ~Heather