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Things that are missing:

Two weeks or more worth of blogs
Lots of pictures (taken but unposted)
Cable to hook camera to computer (likely hidden in the disaster of my single room being shared by two people)
Comments of concern (besides one from Marco) about my lack of blogging.

Coming soon:
Descriptions of trips to more places than I will write about now.
Rambling of the incessant, intolerable, and Heather kind.
Comments from readers who, in their exasperating love for me, will feel the need to post remarks expressing shock, concern, surprise, glee, or any number of other emotions about the upcoming blogs and photos.**

More soon.... ~Heather
**Indicates you must be involved.**


discipleassisi said…
heather, you do what i do: i don't read people's blogs for a few days/weeks and then i catch up, and read them all at once. just so you know, i always check the # of comments on the posts on my front page, so i'll get them, even weeks later. thanks for commenting :) it makes me feel loved... i'll give you some love too... as soon as i see some pics! exciting! also, best of luck finding that cable as 1) i've lost such cables before, and it's way hard to find them, or once found, determine what piece of nearly obsolete electronic equipment they go to. and 2) i've seen your room (several of them in fact). God bless!!