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I am so frustrated right now I could really wring someone's neck. My students make the choice to just not come to class. Someone else takes my room - even though I have been using the same room all year and am always there. I have complained a 100 times. No one seems to think it matters what one insignificant little American thinks. (Frankly, it is just because I am an assistant and not a professor.)

This time, I ran into the principal as I was going to the teacher's lounge - and although there are about five levels of command in between this problem and him, I was so angry I told him about it. Not kidding, someone just interrupted me from writing this blog to find out what the problem was and why it happened. That is one way to make sure a problem gets corrected.

Anyway, besides that, things are okay. I have another teacher interested in special sessions, so Good Friday I'll be teaching two hours of Dance and Movement in Musical Theater. I am excited to be able to share the things I learned in Cindy Flach's class and in my Thursday Swing class. I am going to show clips from a variety of musicals, explain the terminology, and then demonstrate the movements. As a summary, they'll be learning a piece of choreography - probably the One number from A Chorus Line that I made last year for the musical and a short swing number. I think it is great to be able to teach something that I really love.

Also, I got an email today from the summer camp I applied to, and they would like for us to have a phone interview. Hopefully that will happen in the next week or so. Off I go into the world of work and business and trying to plan lessons (a two hour class!). I hope I can do it. It is the first class I'll have to teach in French (I usually teach in English and translate unknown words). I'm loving all this adventure. Always, ~Heather