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I spent a good part of this morning reading other people's blogs. I got as far as three times removed from the original blog post I had been reading. I even commented as often as I felt moved to (unless they had Livejournal, in which case, it wouldn't let me).

In my reading I came across St.Elizabeth's response to a question I had posted on her blog a few days ago. (You should scan through any of her blogs for some interesting medical/religious interpretations.) Anyway, it made me think about the usefulness of this particular blog page.

I wonder if I will continue to blog after all my adventuring is done. i feel like this is a medium that allows for intimate thoughts and appropriate response - without fear of having to see someone's face. But then again, I rarely have trouble looking someone in the eye when explaining my point of view on anything.

Then, I couldn't decide if I liked that all my blogs are exceptionally long. I have resigned myself to this.

All this pondering comes as a wind-down to my last month and a week here in France. I feel like the time has flown. It is hard to believe that 6 months have passed. There is so much I have yet to accomplish. And so much I have already achieved. What a blessing this experience is.

I am going to seperate now and type in the actual events from the past two days. They won't be overly profound, funny, or otherwise as interesting to the rest of the world as they are to me but I appreciate you taking it in all the same. Love always, ~Heather