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Adopting in Ashburn

What began in France moved to Washington, DC and then the suburbs. Let the adventures in Ashburn continue.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

This is the part of my life I like to call

... not getting aggravated with stupid people.

I swear, if I wasn't such a people-person, I would really not like people (in the plural, impeding-my-path form).

I love my readers, my family, my friends, most strangers (as individuals), and a fair number of co-workers, former classmates, residents, and students. But there is something inside of me that just gets set on fire when someone ceases to use their brain.

If I wasn't nicer (and anti-murder), I would definitely plot ways to undo some of the social constructs that prevent "survival of the fittest" from happening.

There's a good chance the writer's block I've been experiencing all afternoon has effected my mood. I apologize.

Love always, ~Heather

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