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Collaging to the Rescue

Anyone who ever visited my room in college probably noticed I'm a bit of a collage fanatic. There is just something so relaxing about cutting out fun things from print publications and then rearranging them, laying them out, and gluing them together to make art. Something that is perfectly me, perfectly creative and fun to look at, perfectly smart and put-together, perfectly perfect.

That urge to take something I find useful and wonderful on its own and then make it greater by simply rearranging sneaks into other parts of my life. It is how I schedule, edit my writing, decorate my house, frame pictures, make dinner ... you name it.

Today at work I had one of those moments - the ones you always hope for at work - where you know you actually got something done and were really able to help someone. A colleague had been working on a multi-page document that looked really text heavy and lacked cohesiveness. I took a pair of scissors and a glue stick and got started. I cut about 2 inches of page off over the four pages and created something like 5 inches of white space by simply moving the pieces around.

It was all about taking the amazing parts of what was going on, snipping the edges, flipping it sideways, and sending it off to be the educational tool it was meant to be. Plus, my colleague seemed so relieved to know that I hadn't cut any of the content that had so industriously been put together.

It's nothing big. No one here will ever really know - as the only other two people to have seen an early draft of the piece are leaving within the month - what a dramatic change a little cutting and pasting made.

But I'll know. Today, I helped one person accomplish a simple task. From here, that document may reach a hundred people and make a difference - or no one. But today, I did something real. Something substantial. Something to make the world of at least one person better. It feels good.

And it's all I can ever ask for.

Love always, ~Heather