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Party Fun

I am apparently the party person this week. My boyfriend Richard's birthday is today (festivities throughout the weekend with a party on Saturday), my counterpart at work has her last day on Friday so there's a send-off for her, and one of my favorite volleyball folks is having a baby shower on Sunday.

My kitchen has become a bakery of deliciousness - pictures to be posted soon - and there are various bags of presents and surprises scattered throughout my house. With all of the craziness going on in my life (to be elaborated on AFTER this week of parties is over), it's nice to be celebrating the fabulousness of change.

Another year for Richard. School and a new career for SC (Super Colleague). Life, literally for Jen.

In other barely tangentially related news, all of the long term setters in my life (that's a volleyball position for you non-sports folks) have been named Jen(n). An odd coincidence for someone who's been playing ball for 14 years.

Also, let it be known that I ROCKED crossovers tonight at my ice skating practice and definitely got my chasees (read: ice dancing moves that involve only one blade on the ice at a time and a switch of feet mid-motion) to be graceful with my laces (code for "foot") turned out. Uh huh, I'm a rockstar. :)

Have a great night all.

Love always, ~Heather