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  • Stop asking my advice and not taking it.
  • Telling me to just do what someone else says when we all know it isn't right.
  • Expecting perfection of me and accepting mediocrity from others.
  • Respond to phone messages and invitations in a timely fashion.
  • Say thank you.
  • Be nice to me. I'm nice to you.
I'm really trying here, and being treated like I'm merely there to serve everyone else's needs all the time is belittling. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that only you can make yourself feel inferior. She may be right, but I think other people can plant the seed in your mind and water it (with Miracle Grow) every day.

I'm trying to be a weed killer. I am. But if I have to pick up my roots Ent-style and find a more hospitable environment, I'm not the only one who's going to be "ripped up" by it. And if I get that far, I seriously won't be sorry.

Love to all of you patient readers, ~Heather