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Labor Day Weekend 2009 - Part 2

This is being posted belatedly as the internet connection at home was completely useless when I was typing this on Monday. Also, it's in parts because I am an unapologetic rambler.

Sunday morning was bright again, and somehow in setting my alarm I’d messed up the actual time on my bedroom clock, so I wound up getting up a full hour earlier than necessary. I spent the time reading the newspaper and getting myself ready for church.
ASIDE: It has been an exceptionally long time since I bothered to read the newspaper. I got horribly discouraged during the campaign season last fall, and haven’t been able to pay attention to any non-work-related news since then. I know I’ll be kicking myself later – because it’s not good to live in a world where you’re ignorant of current events – but I honestly feel like living inside the Beltway makes me incredibly cynical that anything is actually being done in the world for the good of other human beings. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to work myself out of that.
It was my first time up at Little Flower in a couple of weeks, since we had our regular August hiatus. The church has been under construction and the new organ looks nice. I have really missed singing there, but I sort of wonder to myself if I just miss Ginny (my fabulous friend and choir mistress) and singing or if I would really miss LF as a parish. I’m inclined to believe the former.

After church I hung out with a friend: grilled chicken and pineapple for lunch, lounging on the porch in the shade, Lean On Me, and then what seemed like 20 Questions for a bit until we eased into normal conversation.
ASIDE (again): Lately, I’ve not been an excellent conversationalist with new friends. I’m not sure if I’m trying too hard, not being myself, or just attracting people who aren’t great matches in terms of long conversations that just flow together. Apparently, as soon as you can stop being awkward in some types of social settings, the awkwardness just pops up someplace else.
When I got home, I finally hung up the pictures I’d printed (with Rachel’s help) and then we had pizza and watch The Karate Kid. I love classic movies.

More to come in Part 3.

Love always, ~Heather