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Sojourn (for now)

I have fun things to tell you about - like Passover with Rachel and her family, the work trip to New Orleans (with Theresa), two consecutive nights of Grey's with friends, Anthony's organ recital, Jazz Fest, my crazy surgery (and subsequent side effects), the upcoming housewarming party, my goddaughter choosing to go to William & Mary, and all the other sundry things that have popped up since my last solid post.

But tonight, I am having a girls' night with Dana, Rachel, Kate, Malise, and potentially Irene and co. I am wearing my fun new going out clothes (bought weeks ago in prep for a milestone in my weight loss program) to celebrate life in general and being all finished with my antibiotics. This outfit includes shoes that are going to make somebody .... let's just say they are my "goddess" shoes. So, in lieu of writing, I'm running home to get a shower and otherwise make myself appropriate for the festivities.

I have no words for how pumped I am. I think the hurricane (fruity drink, not actually tempestuous storm) from last weekend is still swirling around in me, because for the first time in a long time, I'm ready to go out and be super social. I haven't been this "going-out-ish" since probably sophomore year of college when we went out basically every Thursday (and a number of Saturdays).

Could be the start of a new phase. Either way, I promise this phase will involve more blogging. I miss talking to all of you!

Have a good one (I'll post pictures - if appropriate- tomorrow).