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As usual ...

... I owe you some serious details. Not blogging for a month at a time is detrimental to my mental health (no venting) and I feel like I lose touch with everyone (as not blogging typically corresponds with not having time to read many blogs). So, as a quick catch up, I'm going to do a series of photo blogs over the next couple of days that should vaguely get you up to speed on my life.

Minor surgery that resulted in a MRSA infection for three weeks of fun stuffing a ping-pong ball sized hole with cotton.

New Orleans

A corn stalk fence in the Garden District, the Mississippi River (there was calliope music from a riverboat playing in the background), and an amazing cathedral.

Billy Joel - my prime motivation for Jazz Fest, and we had to leave early (couldn't risk making my infection worse) because we were standing in 2 inches of water. Nothing about us was dry by the time we got back to the hotel.

Seven bags of donations later ... I finally got rid of a sweater I have been wearing since the second grade.
Birthday dinner with the Grey's Anatomy group and a raspberry-lemon cake Paula Dean style for dessert.

More photos soon ...

Love always, ~Heather


Just back from my own incommunicado time, which also meant I needed to catch up on others' blogs.

I have been the MRSA Queen in SC Epi for the past 9 months or so, since the explosion of media attention last fall. I get lots of the calls, emails, and have been working on healthcare professional and public info campaigns. Your lesion looks to be healing fairly well at this point, but the packing and dealing with drainage must have been a serious nightmare. this is when you learn who your true friends really are.

I love the creative petit fours! Nice job.