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Rumors: All about the Dancing

Last night I went out with Dana, Kate, and Rachel to Rumors near Dupont Circle. The celebration began at home with pizza, raspberry cosmos (delicious!), and other raspberry-inspired treats. We metro-ed up and got there just as the place was starting to get full for the evening. We meandered from inside to outside dancing like no one was watching and having a fabulous time.

I have not had a girls' night in ages, so it was such a blast to be surrounded by friends who I adore. Dana had me toast my upcoming birthday with my first shot ever, a Dirty Girl Scout. And although I did not accept, I was offered a drink by one of my dancing companions (another first for me).

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of all of us looking like - well let's just say fabulous is an understatement. And, as smart girls will, we all wore flats so we could dance all night (though I was superiorly tempted to wear my fun shoes!). Two of us had close encounters (the fun kind) and all four of us had plenty of harmless flirting to enjoy, which I credit not to our outfits (though they didn't hurt), but to how much more confident all of us are when we are having fun.

The fun lasted until one of us realized that if we didn't leave the bar, we were going to miss the last metro home. So still remarkably sober (at least the majority of us), we went over the events of the evening on the trip home before digging into the leftover pizza and falling quickly to sleep.

There are other rumors out there about specific encounters, but it isn't nice to spread them. Instead, I'll just suggest you check the place out for yourselves. I've never not had a good time there, and last night was the best time I've had going out in DC yet.

Love to all, especially the girls,



Anonymous said…
I love this note/blog/story...I want pictures next time and I want to be a fly on the wall to see you let go and dance the night away in any type of shoe you want! : ) Aunt Barbara