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So far today

I have:
  • - Been told that I don't hide the disdain in my face when I disagree with things
  • - Messed up the Javascript coding on a website for work that I just had fixed yesterday
  • - Made myself available for ridiculous busy work
  • + Had a good salad for lunch
  • + Finished reading Damn Yankees, which I am stage managing next week
  • - Blogged at work
  • + Been told that my face looks smaller
  • + Confiscated two more boxes for packing
Looking for more + signs ....



Zug said…
yes, we know this game, every child play it and it's name is "chat".
Thanks for your comments on my blog, I found your french better.
I Forgot to thank you about your phone message and then your french was very good.
Do you work it?