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Almost a 5k

So tonight I ran 2.9 miles in 30 minutes, a personal record. There is something about having almost run three consecutive 10 minute miles that I absolutely love. It's true, you never look back and say, "Boy, I wish I hadn't gone to the gym."

After today, I needed a good run.

Reason #1 for a run: too much sugar yesterday.
I woke up with a "sugar hangover" from having too many peanut butter cookies last night during the Superbowl party (thanks Katie!). It seems that if you avoid sugary food and then let yourself splurge, your body can literally forget how to handle sugar. Good to remember, yet so easy to forget.

Reason #2 for a run: delectable fried food today.
I wound up driving to work, but this turned out to be a really good twist of fate, as I needed my car for an early out. I started feeling odd a bit before lunch. Then we took out the new policy intern for lunch. I ordered a delicious sandwich that unexpectedly came with this huge pile of perfectly cooked and seasoned fries. It turns out that any ability to resist the temptation of french fries is removed when they are on your lunch plate. Perhaps the first time I've had fries in six months, and it was a bit of heaven.

After lunch we had a meeting with a woman, during which the heaviness of my lunch made me exceptionally sleepy. I did everything I could, but as the one hour meeting dragged on past an hour and a half, my eyes were shutting themselves. I pinched myself, poked myself, I was wiggling so much in my chair it probably looked like I was being bitten by ants. I have never been more embarrassed about my inability to stay awake - especially considering the topic was actually pretty interesting.

Reason #3 for a run: absolutely, ridiculously, icky feeling body.
My boss, and probably the other two women in the meeting, noticed my sleepy and fidgety antics. My boss mentioned to me, I guess jokingly, that she had invited me to the meeting because she thought I'd be interested. I tried to explain, but she blew it off light-heartedly. I guess that could have been worse. But then the icky feeling from before lunch waved over the rest of my body. It got so bad I literally had to leave work (luckily it was 5:30, but still, I wanted to work late today).

I came home and crashed on the couch through the news. After supper, I hit the gym and my body finally started to feel like my own again. So, considering I haven't gone running for at least two weeks and wasn't at my best, the fact that I had my best run ever is pretty exciting.

Tomorrow is my Super Fat Tuesday party. We're going to have pancakes for dinner (note: don't forget the sugar thing!) and all sorts of other goodies as we watch the election returns. Only inside the beltway would Super Tuesday be considered as big a holiday as Mardi Gras. I love them both! I'll have to beat today's running record to make up for all those calories, but it will be absolutely worth it!

Okay. I need to pack two boxes and do some dishes before bed. My apartment is, thankfully, still clean from yesterday's party, so I don't have to worry about too much cleaning before tomorrow's get-together. If you're close by, give me a call. I'd love to see you!

Have a good one - and remember that Lent is almost upon us!

Love always, ~Heather