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What a Great Weekend

Friday night: Girls Night at Kate's to watch Pride & Prejudice, followed by Bride & Prejudice (Bollywood). All of that was with mojitos, red wine, cookies, quesidillas, and this fabulous goat cheese brie with an apple/nut/cranberry chutney on top. I really need to get that recipe!

Saturday I slept in (9:30!) did some stuff around the apartment, filled out and turned in a rental application for the townhouse, and posted an ad online for roommates. Then I made some bean dip casserole and drove up to the ever-exciting choir party. I love hanging out with the folks from choir. I stayed over with a friend so I wouldn't have to make the drive back and forth (thanks!).

Sunday I sang both masses at church and read Pride & Prejudice in between (not the whole thing, obviously). Had lunch with Ginny, talked to my host mom (for lack of a better term) from Canada, and then picked up Dana to go shopping at Kohls for new work clothes for her new job (congrats!). Target wound up being a better deal though. Dana needed three trips in just to try everything on!

We both got a couple of items before deciding to move on to shoes ($3.24! for brown flats) and then a tour around household items helped us decide we really needed to get out of that store. So we grabbed coupons to a local restaurant from our respective places and went out to eat.

The encounter with the manager deserves much more than the following section, but let me say the manager would have flunked out of customer service school. He didn't want to let both of us use our coupons if we were sitting at the same table. So instead we moved to the bar. Then, when we filled out the comments section on the back of the coupon, the manager read them and came over to tell us how we were really wrong to both want to use our coupons - how it was against a policy they had made up there, and how we were so lucky he let us do it. Yeah, because I really wanted to move to the smoky bar to eat medium quality food and then get yelled at by the manager. Awesome.

After all that, you might think we would have had a bad time, but Dana and I found the whole situation so hysterical we were laughing the whole time. I dropped her off, went home to watch what is probably the last Brothers & Sisters for awhile and then it was totally time to crash.

I barely saw my apartment all weekend - and I loved it. It was so great to be really busy. It was more relaxing than being in somehow. If all my weekends were this way, I'd probably long for a little peace and quiet on the couch. But, for now all I can say is "what a great weekend."

Love always, ~Heather