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For want of a pair of socks.

I just walked 6 blocks in the cold so I could get a pair of black socks. Apparently, in the past week, the way these pants fit has changed so dramatically that the hem is now wrong - even with the exact same shoes.

This was, a complete waste of time, since who, in their right mind, is going to care about this half inch of the top of my foot not covered by my shoes?

It is impossible to understand the irrationality of some of the things that drive me crazy, but at least this had a solution: a rejuvenating winter walk and three new pairs of black dress socks.

Back to work.

Love always, ~Heather


I once walked 17 blocks in the rain in Arlington to pick up jars of La Mad's tomato basil soup. Nothing wrong with a shopping stroll.

Hope the socks keep your tootsies plenty warm -- the groundhog sez we're having six more weeks of winter.