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See Heather Hunt

Thank goodness, without a gun.

I am working on a gajillion things right now.

We finally found a place to live, but we still need a third roommate, hence the hunting. I am exceptionally choosy about my roommates, because I want to be able to relax when I come home and don't want Budweiser blow-ups as part of the living room decoration (except for Superbowl Sunday). Also, they have to be reliable about paying their own way, otherwise I could get really stuck. So, the search continues.

HOBY is really getting into swing. I love working on pulling the conference together. Last night and over lunch today I laid out how to get the schedules done for the whole weekend. I think I may have even managed to include appropriate transition times ... if this is right then we'll be able to get started finding panelists February 1st ... just a couple weeks behind my original schedule. I'll be hunting down speakers in the very near future.

On a whim and suggestion from Ginny, I applied to direct Scrooge! at a local theater next fall. Fall is usually a relatively laid back time for me, because HOBY is spring, volleyball is winter, and summer is traveling. Plus, I haven't directed in such a long time ... I really miss it. This means however, that tonight after work I had to go to the theater and read through the script (since I wanted to make sure there weren't any really weird additions to the original Dickens tale). I updated my theater resume and have been working on constructing a concept piece. I would love to take another swing at a crazy-modern rendition, but the music really lends itself to my other idea, which I'll tell you about after I find out whether or not I got the job (there could be spies anywhere!).

Volleyball is going really well. Our team is slowly improving. We won one of the three games in our match this week. And, in the most stupendous news to come from my shoulder in a long time, my serve is back! I went overhand the whole game and didn't miss. I forgot how good it felt to be able to really power the ball over the net. My place serving is more by zone than targets, but I imagine that will come back in time (if I can get some practice swings in).

My last big hunt will be for boxes, because I need to start packing up my stuff. I really dislike packing, because I always feel like if I can pack it a month in advance than I should probably get rid of it, because it isn't indispensable. But, if I don't get started a month in advance, I'll never get done. Dana has been encouraging me to downsize a bit, which I probably will, but I don't really forsee myself getting rid of my relative library anytime soon.

My diet plan has been at least holding me steady half-way to my goal for about three weeks now. My end goal is in May, which means even if I wanted to get rid of clothes now, I won't let myself replace them until I'm sure I've gotten to the target weight. That makes me hesitant to just start donating stuff, but I don't really want to move it all either ...

You'd think after all the moving I've done (can this really be move 15 in 7 years???) I'd be better at it. In fact, the only thing I'm really getting better at is filling a box to the maximum sustainable weight.

For now though, I'm going to hunt down my pillow and get some sleep. Big interview tomorrow for the directing position. I love that I'm awesome at interviews, but don't love that people see how young I am and judge me for it and not in the "young and accomplished" way, but in the "she's too young to handle it way." I am a kick butt director though (if I do say so myself) and could really rock this show if they let me.

I had better stay away from phrases like "rock this show" if I don't want to be hunting for a new directing opportunity too.

Love always, ~Heather