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Veterans Day

En France, Veterans Day est le meme chose do la journee d'Armistice.

Please take a moment right now and say a prayer for the health and happiness of veterans everywhere.

Today was Veterans Day across the US and along with my friends Katie and Dana, I decided to celebrate by spending the afternoon at Arlington Cemetery. We went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and watched the changing of the guard. We also got to see two wreath laying ceremonies - one for the French War (French Guard and probably the ambassador laid the wreath) and the other for the 3rd Battalion Division Society. I didn't cry at the bugle song during the first wreath, but when those men stood there - some being helped down the stairs by their comrades who were equally as old as they were - you couldn't help but well up with pride at their sacrifice.

The three of us talked about it afterwards and decided that we probably couldn't do it - join up in the military. But I have an incredible amount of gratitude for those who are willing to put on a uniform and fight for our protection.

After the ceremonies, we walked around a bit and then had to head home. One thing I dislike about winter in the north, is the time change. It starts getting dusky around 4:30 and the sun is gone an hour later ... the whole day seems shorter because of it.

In other news, I was really productive when I got home: I re-potted my ivy and chives, finished my green and creme scarf (my first striped knitting project!), cooked myself dinner, and finished up some laundry.

I've had to do an insane amount of laundry lately because of being sick (didn't want to spread germs around). I must say that I love having a washing machine about ten feet from my closet, though if the dryer could manage more than three pairs of socks at a time it would be great. But, I guess it is more environmentally friendly that I hang everything to dry.

Last night, I hung out with my friend Malise (a potential new roommate (yes, a move might be in the future)) and her friend Andrew and his friend Danny. We had an absolutely fabulous conversation that ran well into the early morning. One thing that I'm looking forward to (now that I finally got placemats!!) is having people over for long conversation dinners. I forgot how wonderful they were.

Okay, it's getting late and I want to finish picking up the apartment before I have to start back with work again tomorrow. Looking forward to finally catching up on reading all your blogs this week!

See you later ~Heather