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One of those days

You know how sometimes you are just having one of those days: everything seems crappy, nothing is going right, decisions you've made were all wrong, your life is not going in the right direction, etc. etc.

If you couldn't tell by this morning's post, today was one of those days. Self edit: it started out as one of those days.

I called a bunch of people in my phone book just wanting to catch up with friends, to not feel so alone. Then, I called Dana and we made plans for the afternoon.

We didn't do anything overly exciting, just shopping (Christmas present craft supplies, poster frames, etc.) and errand running for her. But she let me vent for more than an hour about everything that I thought was bothering me.

It turns out that most of what sucked this morning was fine by the time we got back from shopping. Now, I have not become some ridiculous girl who is quelled by purchases. I actually needed the stuff I got, and so did Dana. But the company, and having someone not care that what I was saying was complete crap was glorious.

As I whined my way through the first two stores I realized that none of the other stuff mattered because I had this friend who I could call who was happy to listen to me. She didn't blow me off. She didn't change the subject or ask me to stop being childish. And no matter what your troubles are, if you have a loving family (which I do) and at least one friend like that, then you can live your life in emotional security.

When I got home, I found a thoroughly comforting email from another friend. What a blessing it is that I have not just one friend who supports me, but many. Because there are all of you reading this and the friends who called this week just to talk. I have that.

So tonight I encourage everyone to forget about the stupid stuff and embrace the fabulous people who make your life not just bearable but fun and exciting too.

Hugs to all of you!

Love always, ~Heather


Dana said…
Awwww, I love you!! You'd do the same thing for me. :D