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Nee Encore

Throughout the weekend I was at a friend's wedding celebrations (pre and post). She is Pakistani and Muslim. It was the most interesting weekend of services ever. Z looked so beautiful in her hand-beaded outfit - shiny gold and silver, henna on her hands and feet ... it was so awesome. The coolest part was how she was glowing. I've never seen this before in all the weddings I've been to: on Friday she was Z, the girl I love to catch dinner and a movie with, today she was Z still, but there was this whole new happiness about her. I've never seen her so happy. It was a wonderful thing.

After she gets back from her honeymoon, I'll ask her permission to put a picture of her in her sahri (is that the right spelling?) up here so you can see what a glorious golden princess she looks like! I'll also try to find out who the prophet was her new mother in-law quoted saying: "you are born now together into this new life" (or something similar to that).

I came home and watched L'Auberge Espagnole, one of my favorite French films. I think it is the experience I thought I was going to have when I first moved to France. I liked the one I got, and was never sad to not be sharing my home with five or six other crazy students. Anyway, being my insomniac self, I still couldn't sleep (hence the late post now) and so after doing a bit of schoolwork, I surfed my favorite Sunday website, PostSecret. The most powerful secret of the week to me, was this one (the picture is a link to the PostSecret page if you want to check out the others).

To be honest, I'm not sure what all the stacked up chairs are about.

Love always, ~Heather