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6 classes, 8 days

Summer School Countdown: 6 classes, 4 papers, 1 presentation, 8 days, and (hopefully) 2 A's.

This weekend I went home to NC to visit my family for Father's Day. The number one thing about being at home is family. Number two is, of course, food. I managed to finish about 90% of my homework too, which is probably a record for a vacation weekend.

I still have alot of work this week - tons of research, etc. to prepare for the four papers I have due in the next eight days (4, 3, 25, and 15 pages). Plus, I really need to catch up on some work work I have been putting off.

Tonight in class, Peter Eisner of the Washington Post came to talk to us about his book, The Italian Letter. I recently wrote ten pages analyzing it and was excited to have the chance to ask him some questions about the text. My primary question was why he left the motive out of his discussion (the subject of the book is the Bush administration's abuse of power in manipulating the intelligence community and taking advatage of the American public in making a case for war with Iraq). After class he thanked me for my questions and signed my book. I don't think I've ever had someone sign a textbook for me (or any other book for that matter). Pretty exciting.

When I got home, my landlord needed some boxes out of the storage closet in our apartment. I took them out and realized there was a whole bunch of extra room in that storage closet all along - it goes completely under the stairs! I am probably moving out in a month and I just found out something new about my apartment! Craziness!

Enough procrastination. I'm going to bed so I can get up early enough to get some work done before my 11 a.m. appointment. Then, I am going to work clear through the afternoon to finish one of those papers and hopefully manage at least an hours worth of work for my boss. Class then a couple more hours of work should have me ready to go bed again. I love school, and I am going to be really sad to not have it anymore, but I am not going to miss this summer school schedule.

Love always, ~Heather