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Thursday, June 21, 2007

ESA Avancez!

Comme biodome en Arizone, c'est un examen d'endurance psychologique. Je ne sais pas si les russes et europeans sont plus avancez que les americains mais je suis content quand meme!

L'aventure a mars. Un voyage extrordinaire. Je ne peux pas attends. Tant pis, on n'avait pas quelquechose comme ca chez moi!

Un loft comme sur Mars - Sciences - AOL Actualité

For my non-French readers ... the European Space Agency is recruiting members to simulate a mission to Mars by spending 105 days in a mock-up facility in Moscow. I sort of wish I could do that!

One day, after all my other jobs and adventures, I think doing something like this would be awesome.

Also, the more important thing to remember here is that the Russians and Europeans are looking at the effects of extended time in confined spaces - preliminary mission steps. Could this action be the type of challenge that ignites another space race and pushes America into a frontier outside of Earth's gravitational field?

Think about it. Love always, ~Heather


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