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Three Things

1. Being caught up on school work is a fantastic feeling. Enjoying all the reading is an even better one.

2. Fostering unhappy feelings (basically keeping ideas of an unpleasant nature completely to oneself) isn't really good for a person; avoid this at all costs.

3. Time flies when you are having fun, when you aren't, and when deadlines are approaching. Basically, time is flying all the time.

I don't think those are the actual three things that prompted this posting, but they were the first three things out on the keyboard. As I head off to do some grocery shopping, I am thinking about one particular subject that just this week started needing a plan for a solution. For all the lessons in school about campaign planning and strategic planning, I don't ever feel prepared to make outlined plans for my own life.

I'm going to pretend it is because I have a naturally free and adventurous spirit. Hope you are all having a fun day!