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Draft in Progress

My thesis is coming along rather nicely. I've had some timing setbacks with it and a few of my other class assignments that are due next week, but in general things seem to be going well. If anyone is kind enough to offer their copy-editing services (this may or may not be a masochistic gesture) I'd love the help.

In case I haven't told you, my thesis is about science communication and how scientists can use communication principles to improve the public's understanding of science. This is explained through the case studies of NASA. I think it's really fun and exciting (for a topic). Then again, I am a well established geek.

Off to sleep. Speeches, revisions, papers, exam prep, and oh yeah, my thesis to finish by Wednesday. Sleep is as necessary as air at this point - my brain needs to shut down and reboot or I'd never be able to concentrate.

Hope all is well with you! Love always, ~Heather