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Long time gone

So, since I wrote over two weeks ago...

I had a birthday, took my finals, finished my practicum, completed my thesis and had it printed about a bijillion times (apparently landscape, double sided, book-style bound, 53 page bundles take a minimum of five prints for the UPS store to print).

My family came up for my graduation celebration, we celebrated Mother's Day at a cute french restaurant, I started summer school (6 hours until the completion of my Masters!), Derek and Janis came to visit and we went to the Udar-Hazy Air & Space Museum and I got to stand next to the mock-up of the space shuttle used in atmosphere tests.

This past weekend was spent at HOBY at Christopher Newport University. I had an amazing team and the other facilitators and staff, were, as usual, outstanding. Now, I am back, working hard at my physical therapy and starting my summer work hours studying opinion leaders.

Today, my aunt and uncle and my two youngest cousins came to visit. I had a blast taking them to the Natural History Museum and watching the three-year old enjoy the Metro ride. Tonight, I caught up on ABC shows online (since the TV has been out since before I wrote last time) and fooled around on Facebook finding the new friends I made this weekend.

In general, I have had an insane two weeks. My time has been ragingly busy and with two hard-core summer classes, ten hours (minimum) of work each week, the HOBY surveys to analyze while I still have access to SPSS, giving swim lessons, finally (slowly!) getting back into volleyball, and wanting to volunteer to work a little bit more on programming for next year's conference .... I think the busiest times are still with me.

My biggest mission, aside from finally getting a 4.0 in a complete school, is to find the perfect starter job. I'm getting to read a little bit, picking the newspaper back up, and as soon as the TV starts working, I'll be able to watch more of the political programs to see if I really want to take that route.

So, that is my life right now. I've been crazy busy and it doesn't seem like it is going to slow down anytime soon. In a way, I'm looking forward to a regular schedule for at least the next month - until the future brings its unexpected excitement.

What a great time to be free, energized, and full of potential in the capitol of this great country. I have God, friends, a fabulously supportive family, and my future ahead of me. I can't wait for it to start .... right after I get some sleep ("must stop and rest... must reboot brain ... sleeeeeeep")

God bless you and God bless America and God bless all the overachievers who love every single minute of their too-full lives! Love always, ~Heather