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Beethoven's Fifth

That is the music that best represents the next few days for me. I am still working on my thesis, because, I am ridiculous.

Basically, I have almost five case studies now, I have at least four long stories, tons of examples, and that is just the "extra stuff."

There are five literature reviews: science communication (17 pages), organizational branding (1.5), framing (1.5), political communication (2.5), and crisis communication (2.5). Also, I did a review of general communication principles .... it is getting longer every minute.

Tomorrow is the last day I am letting myself add any new text. After that, it is all revisions.

Speaking of "just revisions" I finished writing my first keynote speech. Then I revised it, and now I am waiting to get notes back from my Dad and a friend/classmate who will hopefully have some ideas in case there are any mistakes. But for only the third time this semester, I feel like I hit this speech out of the park. The fist time, the professor said I mastered the format dead-on. The second time, I got an A and only positive feedback in class. I'm hoping my instincts are right on this one.

Okay - it is super late, and there are going away parties to attend tomorrow before church, a mass to sing at, two management briefs to write, a thesis to revise, a movie to watch, and a bedroom that hasn't been tidied in so long, that I can't remember the last time it was spic and span.

How weird is it that despite all this I am in a totally pumped up mood? I love being happy - especially about my work.

Hope you're happy too. Happy Sunday! Love always, ~Heather


Heather, take your hands off the keyboard and end your thesis!

I completely understand though. When you write about a subject that you love, it's hard to end it. Since I'm covering online activism in political races, you have no idea how badly I wanted to analyze the Obama MySpace debacle.

Save your sanity and wrap up the thesis. You can always channel the rest of your energy into a dissertation one day. :)