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The Principles of Scientific Management

As part of an assignment for my management class, I am reading the original 1911 book by Frederick Taylor on efficiency in the workplace (The Principles of Scientific Management). It is 66 pages of pure joy I tell you. (This is limited sarcasm ... it is pretty interesting in a nerdy way.)

One interesting note is that his system calls for an employee in a factory to literally plan ways for the factory workers to be more efficient and comfortable in their work. I thought the idea of having an ergonomics specialist was pretty funny - since I am generally under the impression that people should observe ways to make their own job easier and then do it.

However, I realized I had a friend in France who actually did this as her job. And then I remembered all the detail she went into making sure the employees got their stuff done. And so, I think to myself, "Thanks Sophie! Because of you, this concept makes alot more sense!"

(Hugues ou Alice, si vous parlez avec Sophie, dit-elle merci pour moi!)

Also, I would like to tell those who don't know, that Frank Gilbreth worked with Taylor, and he was the father described in the book Cheaper by the Dozen (which is sadly not half as humorous as the Steve Martin representation). [That makes much more sense if you've read the book.] Efficiency at work and at home ... priceless.

Back to work (efficiency calls) ... ~Heather