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Life as a Pincusion

Tomorrow I have to go shopping. Shopping is like getting blood tests done - it sucks thinking about going, going is a pain and you have to attempt patience, you go in this little box of a room for the worst part of the procedure, the stupid thing is so tight it almost hurts, and then you have to pay for it.

I think the only good part is that once it is over, you don't really have to worry about it anymore. Until the results come in (this is an awful lot like your credit card bill). I have luckily, almost always walked away unscathed and with pretty good results. But it sometimes requires multiple stabs to get it right.

Tomorrow I again set out to be a pincushion.

My sister thinks this is a horrible analogy. I'm not particularly fond of thinking of anything as if it were a torturous situation - I'm really not. But I really don't like shopping, and I found out tonight at 10pm that I have to be wearing a business suit on Thursday at 2pm.

That's 40 hours to find a business suit that is not only appropriate for the meeting, but that I can afford. And that fits. And, if possible, that I could wear again in the future. And that I already have shoes for - because I seriously couldn't handle having to buy shoes again too.

To any other female - okay, not any, but most - this wouldn't be a big deal. They would jump at the chance to spend a Wednesday afternoon in the mall, not feeling guilty because they absolutely had to be there. I am less inclined to leap for joy.

Tomorrow morning I'll be dressed up in what I thought were appropriate business clothes to do interviews. Then I get to go to the mall and shop before I have night class. I must be successful then, because I have class in the morning and then a lunch deal-io. And then it's 2pm.

It has to be comfortable too - since I need to be wearing the thing basically all day. And if I were to wear it again, it would be to an interview, and I wouldn't want to be fidgeting during that. That's a lot of requirements for a few hours.

If I find one that fits and looks nice and everything else, I'm buying one in every color so I can avoid doing this again soon.

Growing up is expensive and frustrating. But maybe if I just take the leap into adulthood - like ripping the band-aid off - it won't be as hard, or hurt as much.

To be honest, I think adulthood is one of the most frightening things of all.

Love always, ~Heather