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A Midsummer Musical

My cousin Clark played the fabulous duo Flute/Thisbe in his high school's production of A Midsumer Night's Dream. It was a musical version blending original scoring by the director and arranged pop/broadway tunes. The whole thing was really incredible.

I left my camera cord in DC, so I'll post them when I get home. The set was gorgeous, as were the costumes. And Clark, in true family fashion, was a show-stealer.

The trip up for his show made it possible for me to get a little vacation time this spring break. I know the whole break is supposed to be mine - but I do have a thesis and a paper and two books to read (not to mention some catch-up reading). So I am enjoying the Philly suburbs (Jersey side) with my cousin and his parents.

Yesterday, my aunt and I went to Borders and I got what I hope will be my management free-read book. She also has me reading Crank, which is a novel completely written in a stylistic poetry format. Some are concrete (many actually). You still get the feeling of conversation ... it is really cool. Plus, it is a fast read. I'm on page 216 and I've read for a little over an hour. If the title doesn't give it away, it is about a struggle with drugs. This could be a modern Go Ask Alice. [Pritcher - this could be an excellent read for your students.]

This morning I went to Methodist church (a little different than my typical Catholic services ... ahem (sarcasm)). The lesson was about God punishing sinners. Actually, it was about how he doesn't. I'm going to have to look at the readings for this week somewhere and see if the messages coincide.

This afternoon we are going to see Philly. I'm excited, since I've never actually been. My uncle is probably the funniest person I've ever met and he'll be playing tour guide. Can't wait. I'll take pictures.

Okay - I'm off to enjoy my vacation now. Just two more days and then I am going home. My brother and his roommate are coming up for the rest of the week so there are fun times ahead.

Love always, ~Heather