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So my slackness has gotten me nowhere except figuring out what to do about New Years. Otherwise, I am still planless for the evening. Though I did make two new friends, which I think is gratiying in it of itself. Because Anna isn't here, I ate with the Vie Scolaire people. They are about my age and totally cool. Very similar to how I think we were as an RA staff two years ago - together alot, but clique-y, etc. Anyway, they were awesome and said I could go to EuroDisney with them, or Belgium, or Luxembourg, or whatever, but just to ask, because they both had cars and lived in Charleville, so it was totally not a big deal to bring me along. Also, they are doing what I did in college for three years, except they look over high schoolers. So, we have plenty to talk about. This is going to sound horrible, but I don't really mind when Anna is away anymore, because I think it forces me to go and try things I usually wouldn't. I have made two friends and two acquaintainces in two nights being forced to find someone new to eat with. And I like this, because it makes me function in french. Speaking of which, I am currently going on in english. I am seriously off to try finding something to do now. More hugs, ~Heather


discipleassisi said…
your inner struggles with language issues DO interest me. i am taking a french class at midlands tech and can't get through 2 words of a sentence without switching over to spanish. i say things like "aujourdhui est la seis de septembre" and my classmates laugh at me - mostly because half of them speak a good bit of spanish as well :)
love you! if you're in cola over Christmas, please call me, even just to chat and have a quick hug. 240-6401