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The Goings On

My life has been surprisingly full the past three days.
Wednesday I organized the hundreds of pictures from my digital camera and the ones on my computer. In the afternoon, I went out and did some shopping for postcards and groceries. I also stopped by the bank because they hadn't mailed me my checkbook, and it had been a month. The nice man there showed me how to write out a check in french. Surprisingly different. Then I filled my backpack with groceries, and home I went. I grilled (really I think it is alot more like broiling) a small steak for dinner (about the size of a porkchop) with a salad and a new type of cheese called compte. So good. Then it was time for volleyball. When I got home, Anna and I exchanged our weekend adventure stories and then it was off to bed.

Yesterday I had classes after lunch (my NyQuil had basically had me out cold until 10:30, so the morning didn't exist entirely), then I hung out on the computer for awhile. Evening time brought a meeting with the Ardennes society for people from Great Britain (where they invited all the English speaking assistants - so no worries, I haven't immigrated). That was funny because everyone there was exceptionally old. I mean, they could have been taking a bus back to the retirement home afterwards kind of old. But of course, they were nice. They gave us apple cider and Ardennaise cakes - which are really good. Also, it is quite possibly the first time I have ever liked cider. I ducked out a little early so I could get to my next meeting. There was a meeting for the Young Professionals. All of these people go to my church and are between 25 and 31. I was therefore, the youngest person there. I understood a ton more this time then I had the last time, which was good. Also, I got to hang out with some of the people who I've met since then, which is really good. The subject was dealing with death - in respect to the All Saint's Day holiday this week. I actually spoke up three times during the meeting too, which I was quite proud of. Vincent walked me home afterwards (still no working lights at the school) and I spent the remainder of the evening listening to music and playing spider solitaire on my computer.

Today I got up, took a shower, had breakfast, read some of the Free Times (thanks again Dad, I have been rationing the pages), and then headed down to search for things on the internet. I ate lunch with one of the younger professors and then ran off to teach class. I should tell you that for lunch today we had couscous with tomato sauce with vegetables in it, fried calamari, cucumber slices, and an apple - how spoiled am I with the CAFETERIA food??? I have been trying to teach the students American things and so today we watched a bit of Friends and then had to describe which character we were most like. (Although I was not participating, I'm sure you all know that I am a combination between Ross - smart, nerdy, rather socially incompetent - and Phoebe - random, eccentric, ready to try anything new.) Moving onward... they understood very little of the lesson and progressively annoyed me into not even smiling. It infuriated me the most when one girl got up and started to give her presentation in french! I thought I was going to beat her. Then I had another girl who went to the front of the room, said she had nothing to say (in french, then in english after I gave her "the eye") and then sat there for the remainder of her three minutes. My favorite students however, were the ones who tried to tell me they had never seen Friends. Even here, that was a huge lie. After classes (one entire class didn't even showup!), I goofed off on the internet again and wrote emails. I just had dinner and dessert (an incredible vanilla ├ęclair) and now I think I am going to stay in for the evening in an effort to not get myself in too much trouble - in other words, I am going to save money and attempt to recuperate my stupidly sucky health. Call me bummy, lazy, anything you want ... but I am going to write out my postcards, and you won't get one if you are mean! (Or if you have failed to send me your address, because sadly, I am not omniscient.) Plus, I have a volleyball match tomorrow night, so I can use the rest in advance anyway. Anywho. Have a marvelous evening and I will speak to you soon (or write, you know). Oh, Mom and Dad, email me or call or whatever so we can arrange a time to meet online tomorrow! Love always (hugs and kisses if you want them), ~Heather


discipleassisi said…
I miss you!

btw: how'd you find me?