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Beaujolais Noveau

This isn't the weird translation of something you know, it is the name of today's holiday. Talk about a weird holiday. The entire oliday is commercial, because it is based on the yearly release of a bottle of wine. This one vinyard makes wine out of the same years harvest and sends it out to the general public for consumption. (In the wine world, this is a major faux pas. They say it tastes like California wine!) Anyway, there was this party with charcuterie (fancy name for different types of cold cut style meats and sausages) and bread (duh!). However, there was this huge loaf of bread, seriously 1x2.5 feet in the shape of a wine bottle with a fake label baked on and everything. So cute. And there was another loaf baked in the shape of an alligator. I was really sad I didn't have a camera with me. But, anyway, the whole point of the holiday is to enjoy each other's compay while drinking really bad wine (by french standards) and eating meat and bread. so funny really. And everyone was wishing me a good first holiday like it was a huge deal or something. The party was in the school (other huge difference - alcohol on school grounds!), and the teachers and administrators and custodians and everything joined in the fun. The Proviseur told me that even though it wasn't Thanksgiving, at least it was a holiday. I think maybe he doesn't understand Thanksgiving quite yet.

For now, my fingers are freezing and I still haven't told you about the Abbey this past weekend, or about volleyball last night, or the amazingly cool pizza man, or going shopping, or teaching, or anything else cool from this week. However, I have all of Sunday afternoon (big volleyball game Saturday) that I should be able to work on it. Oh, and tomorrow morning if I can make myself get up. For the moment, I am going back up to my room to snuggle into some seriously warm pj's and watch a movie. Reading Les Miserables would be rather ambitious of me as I have been functioning in english the past hour or so on the computer and switching back and forth is a pain. necessary however, so maybe I'll make myself. Ugh. I am sure my inner language struggles do not interest you in the least bit. Hugs, and seriously, I'll write in detail again soon. Love, ~Heather