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Quick Notes

Well, I am heading out of town for the weekend. I am going to a retreat with a choir called the Champagnules. They are named for the Champagne region that is directly south of where I live. It should be really exciting and a great opportunity to function only in french for an entire weekend. I promise details when I get back. In the meantime, I wanted to toss out some quick new:
Classes are going really well!
Armistice Day is tomorrow, so I have no classes (hence the ability to go on retreat).
I have finally posted pictures on the internet of some of the trips I have taken at
My students were much more involved in the lessons today, so I am in a really good mood.
I am going to get to celebrate Thanksgiving here (more details later).
I finally bought postcards and wrote some letters, so if you have sent me your address, you will probably be getting one! (If you haven't just email me... I love writing letters!)
I started reading Les Miserables. Wow it is good. I don't know the story at all, so I am always surprised.
I miss all of you terribly - but not in a bad terribly way, because I know I will be able to see you / hear from you soon.
And finally:
I have some students who are interested in having American penpals. I of course thought of my cousins and friends at home who are perfect specimens of young Americans!! If you are at all interested (they would be writing to you in English), please let me know. When they are interested in something, I always want to see if I can make it happen for them ... isn't great when people want to learn???
Anyway, I am so late, again, and I know I haven't written half as much as I should have, or in remotely enough detail, but .... Ack, I'm rambling!!! Okay, seriously, I have to go. All of you know I am horribly slow at packing and I can't be late. Hugs all around, you are in my thoughts and prayers!!!! (Especially those of you who are still dealing with hurricane clean-up). Keep in touch and I will too!!!! Love always, ~Heather


Aunt Rosemary said…
Hey, Sweetie!
I could get you some mature honors (8th grade) students for penpals. Also, I could talk to the HS French teacher about her students. What do you think?
Love, Auntie Ro