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Things to Get Excited About

  • Parents arriving today and staying for a couple of days.
  • Relay for Life this weekend.
  • Three SOHO girls coming to Relay this weekend to start earning their service hours and hang out.
  • Andrea's swim meet at the pool one block from my house on Saturday morning.
  • All clean laundry (despite not being put away yet).
  • Clean and prepared house.
  • The most amazing boyfriend ever who put all sorts of stuff in the attic, changed the light bulbs, ran errands, dropped off Andrea's furniture twice yesterday, and managed to keep me going until 11 last night so I wouldn't be scrambling this morning.
  • Said boyfriend just existing. Oh, and being able to use any type of possessive when referring to him, like "MY boyfriend."
  • Work being relatively quiet this week to help mask the fact that my brain has been too busy to be 100% focused. (Still let's me be productive on a slow week, but would be disastrous on a busy week.)
  • Fabulous weather.
  • Blackberries coming off my thornless bush in heaping bowlfuls.
  • Positive attitudes and helpful strangers.
  • Being able to let my mind put the anxiety on hold while I practice patience.
  • The fun folks in the church choir and singing every week.
  • Becoming a godmother to a baby boy in just a few weeks!
  • Having friends and family all over who love me and are there for me unconditionally.