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Adopting in Ashburn

What began in France moved to Washington, DC and then the suburbs. Let the adventures in Ashburn continue.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Finally Finished

Guess what folks? I finally finished a hand-made project I started last year. A fabulous, super fun, totally great, going-to-be Christmas gift. Sadly for most of you, the all too amazing woman who will be receiving this prize is a reader, so I can't show you now, or she'll see it too. BUT - I promise to show pictures of it after the holidays.

I brought some stuff to start another project (now that I'm a bit of an expert), but since I am dog-sitting this week, I have to be careful as the fur of my friendly house-mates sticks to EVERYthing.

Speaking of which, I am being nuzzled pretty seriously right now, so I better just play with these totally hyper pups.

Love always, ~Heather

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