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Points of Order

1. I'm going to be blogging even more intermittently than I am now for the next couple of weeks (hopefully less) because I so rarely have Internet access at home. Comcast is just about the suckiest service I've ever had in my home, and with any luck I'll either be rid of them or they'll have fixed everything VERY soon.

2. Cleaning my room less than once a month results in an unseemly mess. I obviously need to have more house guests so I feel more inclined to pick up after myself. Motivation, baby. Won't you be mine?

3. I feel like I've been trying really hard to do a number of things lately. I think I need a little more Yoda in my life: "Do or do not do. There is no try." I have the power to make a choice about which way I want to go on certain things. I need to be choosing better. Heck, I need to be choosing at all.

4. I am a horrible penpal. I say this not because I don't like writing to other people, but because I am horribly impatient for them to respond. It is probably the most conceited thing about me that I assume that if someone is important to me or that I'm thinking of them it follows that they consider me important and are thinking of me too. Truth is, that's a whole lot of self-flattery that is going to get me nowhere.

5. Instead, I need to focus on the awesome people - like Caroline, who sent me the most exquisite souvenir from her time in India. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again next winter.

6. I should be watering both the front and back yards more. We spent a lot of energy getting everything planted properly. I should definitely be maintaining our investment.

7. I am blessed with an amazing family. I hope they know that I love them loads and couldn't truly live without them.

8. Is 2 cubed or 2 times four or ten minus 2.

9. If I put on makeup and cute clothes, I fully intend to go out and show myself off. In any other world but the one I live in, this would be completely obvious to other people.

10. There is a big change a-coming. I don't know what yet, but something constant in my world is going to be a bit less constant in the near future. I can feel it.

11. Love always,


P.S. The quotes of the day on the blog are so often accurate. "The most effective way to do it, is to do it." ~ Amelia Earhart