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Hearing Things

I was sitting here thinking just now that the reason it must feel so eerily quiet and creepy when the power goes out is because there is no hum from all the devices we're so used to hearing as "white noise" all the time. My fish tank, the fan on the computer, the tangible static buzz from the TV system.

Yesterday I spent my day hearing all sorts of things. My alarm clock - early. MK, a girl from my volleyball team, as we chatted in the car on the way out to Harper's Ferry (though I got to just hear for awhile too, because for some reason silences don't feel to awkward with her). The river and the rapids as I floated along the Potomac and then the Shenandoah on a tube. Laughter from my fellow river riders, animals, the wind, insects buzzing, nature. The waterfall as I reached the sandy shore.

Then later from the roof of my townhouse, the fireworks as they rattled the sky over near National Harbor. My roommates and their friends enjoying each others company. My family members' voices on the phone. Trixie, a visiting dog, moaning like an inappropriate film. One of my nearest and dearest as she exhibited strength that I've watched build in her over the past couple of months.

I heard all these things, and I know I missed more. There are so many sounds out there. So many experiences my ears haven't yet recognized. It's such an adventure. And I can't wait to hear more.

Love always, ~Heather