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My posting here is so long overdue I should be charged a library fine. I mean, what is the point of you - my absolutely faithful readers - checking in or subscribing if all I ever do is apologize for not writing? So here is a brief synopsis, which should be followed over the next couple of days with photoblog and regular posts.

Life is, in general, proceeding at a rate of one day at a time. I spend most of my time working and the rest of it either curled up with a book or doing something with friends. I re-read the entire Harry Potter series over the past month or so in preparation for the movie coming out. So excited about that.

I had a chance to go home this past weekend to spend Father's Day with my dad and help out with my mom, who recently had minor back surgery. All in all, a great visit. We went to the pool one afternoon, had fabulous dinner both nights (broccoli rabe and Italian sausage night one followed by pork loin with red russets the way only Mom can make them the next). I made Dad custard with blackberries in it - light (yet filling), refreshing, sweet, and portion controlled (they cooked in little glass bowls). Perfect little diabetic or dieting treat.

I plan on doing a LOT more cooking this summer. I got off track with cooking when I got off track with regular grocery store visits, but I plan on remedying that soon. I used to go after church each Sunday, but between not hanging out with my choir after church and dating someone (weekend free time becomes rather precious), I started just stopping in to grab what I needed after volleyball on Wednesdays. I'm going to get myself back on a much more regular schedule - using coupons and all.

Volleyball went okay-well this season. The girls team is great - looking forward to playoffs (I think we've won every game so far). The co-ed team magically managed to lose every single game. It really was a confluence of games getting timed out and never having the same people from week to week, horrible calls from the referees, and the general nature of the REEdiculous rules in this league. It reminded me why I stopped playing with them last year. So I'm stopping, again.

But, my night out will not be lost, as I intend to pick up a course at the local community college. I figure a little intellectual stimulation never hurt anyone, and if I take modern dance it'll be exercise; piano would be something musical that I love and really want to be better at; or Spanish, because I should probably learn enough to be able to eavesdrop properly on the metro. (Just kidding.)

Speaking of the metro - wow. I know accidents happen, but it's pretty shocking nonetheless. Please pray for the souls of those who were lost in the crash, the injured who endured it, and all the others who are effected by this great tragedy.

In happier news, my garden is awesome! Flourishing with lots of veggies and soon to be fruits. We've even got some root vegetables that look like they're going to be great. SO excited for fresh and free (to me now) produce.

OKay, that's enough. Please accept my appetizer of a posting and know that it is just a matter of time before I start bombarding you with things to read again.

Love always, ~Heather


Dana said…
YOU HAD BETTER GET GOING WITH THE BOMBARDING!! I miss reading your entertaining updates!!! xoxox