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It is I, Don Quixote

If you couldn't guess, I saw Man of La Mancha today. It was out at the Middleton Wayside Theater. It was "just" a regional theater, but the show rivaled performances I've seen at WolfTrap and other off-Broadway style places.

The most incredible parts were the lead actor and the set design. Without both, the play was bound to fail - but they managed it so seamlessly ... I was in awe. There was also a brilliantly staged scene with Quixote and his squire riding horses ... the people dressed as horses moving in perfect rhythm ... all these ellipses mean I don't have the words to describe the awesomeness.

I went out - WAY out, past Front Royal - to see the show with Derek and his family. Afterwards, we went out to dinner at the Wayside Inn, which was built in 1742. They say Washington himself drank out of the well in the tavern (I'm guessing it used to be outside). The history there was better than the food, but the company was really fun.

Derek and I have known each other for ages, and it is always so wonderful to see him. So, getting to spend a whole afternoon seeing him, talking about anything and everything, and having a musical thrown in, that's my kind of Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, I did feel a little bad about crashing my hermit-like plans and leaving town. I didn't sing with my choir. I found out that services at my local church are at 8:30, not 9 a.m. - don't worry, I stayed and read through the liturgy of the word portion. But, that being considered, I think I got God's message today.

It started with the gospel readings, and the quote, "Little girl, arise." It seemed like I shouldn't be hiding out if Jesus was asking me to "arise". Then Derek and I were chatting the whole way out and it's always nice to discover that circumstances seem to come together through divine intervention. I've been hiding out - from myself and others - for a couple of days now. Nothing serious, just preferring time alone to time shared. The trip not only got me out of the house, it got me listening to some pretty inspiring messages.

The theme of Man of La Mancha, seemed, to me, to be that even if you don't think you have enough courage for yourself, if you can inspire it in others, than you've achieved your goal. I've been struggling with courage. Courage to face myself and decide what path I want to take in life. Courage to find happiness in solitude - knowing that I may be alone for a long time yet. Courage to look for the good things in situations that are inopportunistically bad. Courage to be better than I am for and to others.

So, I'm taking a page from Cervantes. I will be Don Quixote (though I sadly lack horses, I am currently accepting applications for a squire!). I'll take the bits of life that are good and exemplify those through my own life (okay, I'm going to try). I will (continue to) face the mirrors of reality, but I will not let them afflict me. I will give others courage and strength, I will help my neighbors putting their interests high on my priority list. And, through this, I hope - like Cervantes - to find the strength to walk out the door towards the Inquisition.

There is a difference between being dragged into a situation and walking in yourself.

I plan to be walking.

If you're a windmill, you'd better get out of the way.

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - If you haven't seen the show or heard the music, not all of that will make sense. Sorry about that.

P.P.S. - today's quote really makes it: "Things do not happen. Things are made to happen." ~JFK