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Countdowns Continued

First - bonne anniversaire de le (pas toujours) petit Martinus, qui j'adore. Il a quatre ans ce weekend passe et je suis tres heureuse pour le petit homme.

CeJay - Book Club - Fayetteville - CG - Clemson Sucks - SF3 - TH7 - ME8 - BP13 - New Years - Inaugural Ball!

So here's a little reveal on the countdowns (since I was told that probably no one would have the time or inclination to figure that out - which I don't understand, because I love "solving" mysteries).

I have some really serious details to work out for the next couple of days in terms of the upcoming events, but they are all pretty exciting. I'm going to try to get up the long lost pictures on Facebook tonight and then I'll do a bit of photoblogging before my next countdown item.

Just loved this quote from my scroll today: "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten." ~B. F. Skinner

This reminds me of Skinner, which reminds me of the X-Files, which reminds me of how awesome science fiction is, which reminds me about how I spent the whole day basically reliving the role of Data on a TiVoed episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation last night. It was the one where Data has to learn leadership skills that are less "rational" during an eventful evacuation of a planet. I love when my entertainment educates my real life situation and forces me to be a (albeit slightly) better person.

Alright, that's enough rambling. I really need to upload the gajillion pictures in my camera (and maybe add captions. Goodnight y'all.

Always, ~Heather


Anonymous said…
Merci pour l'anniversaire de Martin.
Merci pour ton appel pour thanksgiving. C'était très sympathique et une très bonne surprise.
Gris bisous.