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ABC Meme

I almost never do these both because I am rarely tagged and because I'm lame at remembering to do them even if I love the format. But I saw this survey form filled out on Facebook by my cousin. It struck me as funny that two people who barely see each other and rarely speak can have so much in common (though blood may have something to do with it).

I've been struggling with myself lately (actually, my whole life, but who doesn't) and as odd as it sounds it was nice to see my cousin, who is about 4.5 years younger than me, has similar concerns and favorite things. I pray he doesn't have to keep the concerns for as long as I have and that we can grow closer even as we get older. Hugs and kisses bud, this meme is for you!

[Bold responses are exact word responses from my cousin - though many of our sentiments on the others appear to be the same.]

- Available: Pretty much whenever you need me (though would prefer to see you when you want to see me too!)
- Age: is just a number.
- Annoyance: People who don't wash their hands when they leave the bathroom.
- Animal: Many a fish.

- Beer: I'm partial to Belgians and beer without quite as much after-taste if I must drink it.
- Birthday: I'm a Taurus
- Best Friend(s): Marco & Caroline
- Body Part on opposite sex: Jaw line, arms, brain (not necessarily in that order and certainly not the first, second or even third thing I find attractive about someone)
- Best feeling in the world: To be loved.
- Blind or Deaf: Deaf (especially since I'm sort of prepared for this possibility)
- Best weather: Flying weather - cool enough for long sleeves, breezy, but still warm enough for shorts. The kind where you can put your arms out and feel as if you could just fly away.
- Been on stage?: One of my favorite places to be.
- Believe in Magic: I do not call it magic, but essentially yes.
- Believe in Santa: I believe he lives in the hearts and minds of those who choose to embody his spirit.

- Candy: Nutrageous - though I stick to chocolate usually. Oh, and those gummy soda bottles from France.
- Color(s): hunter green, sepia, garnet
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Strawberry. Screw limitations.
- Chinese/Mexican: Do I have to choose?
- Cake or pie: Both
- Continent to visit: All
- Cheese: Is delicious. Except roquefort. That stuff is rough.

- Day or Night: Are times of day that are suited to different activities.
- Dance in the rain: Whenever possible - but I'm practical, so usually in grippy shoes and with an umbrella.

- Eyes: Brown
- Everyone's got: an equal right to live their life how they choose.
- Ever failed a class?: Nope.

- First thoughts waking up: Maybe today will be the day....
- Food: Is an integral part of my life. I'll taste (almost) anything and will try to cook anything delicious.

- Greatest Fear: Not being strong enough to deal with a situation I'm faced with and make it turn out as I think it should.
- Goals: Start my own school. Be happy.
- Gum: Big Red
- Get along with your parents?: Sure do.
- Good luck charm: Luck isn't stored in totems.

- Hair Color: Brown
- Height: 5'8" and some dividend of an inch
- Happy: Finding joy in every day is absolutely the way to go.
- Holiday: Thanksgiving
- How do you want to die: Saving another's life

- Ice Cream: Is good in any weather, basically every situation, and should be kept in the house at all times.
- Instrument: Piano, though rather lamely.

- Jewelry: crucifix, class ring, stud earrings
- Job: non-profit advocacy

- Kids: Are awesome and I miss teaching them.
- Kickboxing or karate: Can I try both?
- Keep a journal?: Since about the second grade. Rather entertaining reading if you go back that far.

- Love: is wonderful and crazy and consuming and upsetting and "all around" and not expressed enough. I'm so blessed to have experienced many types of love.
- Laughed so hard you cried: Absolutely. And usually, if I were to re-hear how it got that funny, it wouldn't really be funny. Yay for being a goofball.

- Milk flavor: Milk shouldn't come in flavors.
- Movies: Are incredibly entertaining and I have WAY too many memorized. I am an incessant movie-quoter/citer.
- Motion sickness?: Nope
- McD’s or BK: only when left with no other alternative.

- Number of Siblings: 2
- Number of Piercings: 2
- Number: 15 (Go Misfits!)

- One Wish: That I live my life to the fullest of my potential and fulfill God's purpose for me as best as humanly possible.

- Perfect Pizza: is hard to come by. I love toppings but pick them off before eating it most of the time so it's hard to describe.

- Quail: can be yummy and are seen in Bambi.

- Reasons to cry: rather pathetic control over this physical manifestation of emotion results in me not necessarily needing a reason. If you're crying, some part of you needs to. Period.
- Radio Station: 98.7 something something country.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: I love that I practiced this in the mirror for a whole summer so I could finally do it.
- Ring size: which finger?

- Song: Whatever one is running through my head at the moment, though I do seem to have an annual theme song.
- Shoe size: 10 (+/-1)
- Salad Dressing: anything made fresh
- Sushi: Yum.
- Slept outside: I have a weird ability to fall asleep anywhere, so lots of times: on the quad, the beach, in the yard, in tents, on blankets; though never in a tree (yet) :)
- Skinny dipped?: Oh, to have a pool in our backyard as kids.
- Shower daily?: You wouldn't want to see my hair otherwise.
- Sing well?: I'm better in a choir, but it's because I'm inclined to sing harmony
- In the shower?: Rarely, as I shower in the morning and it wouldn't be too nice sounding.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: BOTH

- Tattoos?: 0
- Time for bed: About 7.5 hours before needing to get up (fingers crossed)
- Thunderstorms: I enjoy a good storm, yes

- Unpredictable: I wouldn't want it any other way. (Though I tend to like familiar patterns)

- Vacation spot: I love my grandma's house in Ocean City, NJ...but enjoy traveling immensely.

- Weakness: Honesty. Impatience with self.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: My friends are usually equal as odd as I am, but in completely different ways
- Worst feeling: the empty hole of loss
- Wanted to be a model?: Haha ...
- Where do we go when we die?: to God.
- Worst Weather?: the kind that keeps you from doing really exciting outdoor things.

- X-Rays: are really cool. I'm super glad I learned how to read them (a little bit anyway)
- Ex's: 3, officially. Though the number is too inclusive and not inclusive enough simultaneously.

-Year it is now: 2008
-Yellow: It is a smart color. It knows when to be comforting, when to be a warning, and when to be obnoxious. No other color has quite the resume as yellow, but yellow is also selfless. It knows when it is no longer needed. It fades fast, and is absorbed by almost any other color. I would never have thought of that and think it is beautifully written!

- Zoo animal: Anything I've never seen before.

1. Slept in a bed beside you?: Marco
2. You went to the mall with?: Marco
3. You went to dinner with?: Misfits: Ellyn, Jen, Terry, June
4. You talked to on the phone?: Lorien
5. Made you laugh? Ginny
6. Hugged you?: Ginny
7. Said they loved you?: Lorien
8. Held your hand?: Rachel, during a difficult scene in the movie Milk
9. Spoke with?: Rachel
10. You cried over?: I could bend the truth, I could twist words to try and find some kind of way to sound less girly, more masculine, more less stereotypical, but I won't. It was a boy.

So in the spirit of helping others never feel like they aren't tagged, I tag: Alice, Mari, Heather G., Dana, St. Elizabeth (now that she's done with classes) Zug, and any of my other relatives who can write notes on Facebook.

Love always,



Anonymous said…
It will be great to race around the world with you.
It wll take me 100 or 110 days.
I have read your tag....thanks...I will try to answer.