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A Tale of Two Butterflies

So the other day I had a chance encounter with a caterpillar. We were just hum-drumming along and eating leaves when we found ourselves on the same live oak.

We had a few things in common, being caterpillars and all.

The next time I saw him, he was all bundled up in his chrysalis, and we "hung out".

Now, I'm a bit sad, because he is breaking out of his haven and is moving on. Bright and shining and ready for a new life. I am also changed, but not moving yet. I'm content here for a bit longer.

I wish we had met sooner, since we would really have had fun together, looking for leaves and eating leaves, and talking about eating leaves.

Perhaps I will break out in just enough time so we can go flying about the garden, sucking sweet nectar from the splendiforous local flowers for a bit.

He'll be flying away soon. So should I rush out to spend a bit of magical time or stay and rest, knowing we'll be meeting again in other gardens and spend happy time then?

It's hard to tell, since we might be different on this side of the chrysalis.

Then again, life is fleeting.

But, as a recent Mutts comic said - "I've never seen a butterfly in a hurry."

Decisions, decisions. And I'm so bad at making them. Don't even get me started on what colors I want to make my wings!

I'm leaning on faith and hoping that the Good Lord leads me with understandable signs.

Love always, A Caterpillar

P.S. The quote of the day is "Every man is the architect of his own fortune." by Sallust I first read it as "Every man is the architect of his own future." Well, if that's true, at least I'm trying to draw blueprints ...


Dana said…
Little gems like this remind me of how wonderful and amazing you really are. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Heather,

I was given your link by M. Beguin from Lycee Chanzy. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your experience. If so, please write back to me at

Thanks alot!