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New Jersey Photoblog

We took a recent family trip to New Jersey for my uncle's wedding. Afterwards, we hung out with the other side of the family at my paternal Grandmother's house. I just want to say that the Jersey shore is one of the best places ever. And now, since it was such a hit and because it is much easier than trying to write about four action packed days, I give you another round of photo blogging.

At the "second reception" in my Uncle's backyard. The family, with newly added aunt and cousins take first group shot.
There is something about making ridiculous faces that appeals to all the siblings in my family...
Dunes on the beach - before summer storms and inconsiderate tourists...
Cousins with Grandfather on his bench near the shore. He's always with us - especially at the beach. Also, on a comedic note - we are all wearing long sleeves or hoodies and flip flops. Cool fun in the early northern summertime.
Travis and Katie (his girlfriend) walking down towards the water.
Lorien and Jeremy (her boyfriend) laughing in the sand.
Clark just after he made friends with Tonka (the truck).
The tide was out while we were there and our beach is known for some pretty fabulous tidal pools. This is more like a little inlet though.
Risking tetanus, the cousins take a flying leap off of a drainage pipe. In a more close up shot you can see that I have basically just jumped straight out and Travis is many feet in the air.
The young folk in the [lifeguard] stand - a classic shot - before heading back to the house by the bay.


Zug said…
It's so cool to put many pictures because it's easier for me to understand ;-)