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Neurons Neutralized

In my last post I was waiting for my neurons to start firing again. Today I found out why they haven't yet. My immune system has gone crazy with the cold that led to the second, impromptu surgery and the barely sleeping during HOBY (which began mere hours after the stitches were put in again), followed by 9 hours of sleep and then work for four days straight and then the weekend. I knew I had to relax this weekend.

So after Friday night, I rested all weekend. This was perfect timing as the temperature was incredibly high this past weekend and going outdoors would have been ridiculous. I watched movies and cleaned up a few things around the house and started feeling sick.

This is a thing that happens to me every once in awhile where I am running on high speed and then I take the time to relax and my body says - oh look, it's a great time to get sick! This was happening right before HOBY, but the after-surgery antibiotics kept my little cold in check. So the combination of relaxing all weekend and finishing my meds left me super susceptible to internal ickiness.

To summarize, my throat represents an excellent palette of red colors and I have an uncontrollable urge to sleep all the time. After resting all weekend, I got up, went to work on Monday for about 2 hours came home to take a nap for lunch and woke up at 4pm. Then proceeded to go to bed early and sleep through the night.

The surgeon I met with this morning won't take out my stitches, because in this haywire state, my immune system hasn't finished healing my neck. But he also gave me a milder antibiotic (since this probably isn't MRSA as it seems a bunch like the common cold) to help my poor immune system right itself again.

That being said, I'm yawning like a crazy person and beg that you will understand this sleepy predicament as I now proceed to crawl into bed a full hour before my bedtime as I am exhausted from being awake for less than 16 hours. Awesome.